KFA Bucket Therapy


Our Bucket Therapy is a step above our Essentials Starter Pack, but awesome as a next level item to your detailing regimen.

KFA Bucket (Nifty)
Iron Remover (Epic)
Detailer Spray (New Formula!!)
Shampoo Plus+ (Polymer Protection)
Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent (Two in one!)
Detailing Brush 5 Pack (OOO LA LA)
Wash Mitt (MMMM...soft)
Microfibers (2 Golden)
Kleen Freaks Retro Air Freshener (Such a KLEEN scent)

*If there is a product you would like to switch out, please email us at kleenfreaksamerica@gmail.com for inquiries*

This product is for personal use only and not for resale or any form of raffle or lottery.

**For pickup or local delivery, please use the discount code LOCALSONLY when checking out.**