Kleen Freaks All In One AIO- 500ml


Kleen Freaks brand new All In One contains a combination of paint cleansers, diminishing abrasives and the highest grade T1 Organically harvested Carnauba Wax making it quick and easy to use but still leaving an excellent finish. Our special blend of abrasives work quickly at removing minor defects, in turn leaving a layer of our brand new polymer we created in house to enhance that finish even more. Finally all that work is protected with a layer of Carnauba wax. This can be applied by hand using a microfiber cloth or a dual foam applicator. If you’re using a DA/Rotary, it works best on a soft finishing pad or polishing pad. For even more gloss and protection you can add a layer of our new formula hard wax or liquid wax.

How to Use:
By Hand- Shake well before use. Apply 2-3 pea sized drops to a dual foam applicator pad. Use small circular or side to side motions working into paint one small area at a time. Once you have a section completed, allow it to haze and buff with a microfiber cloth.

Machine- Shake well before use. Apply 2-3 small pea sized drops to a soft refinishing pad or polishing pad. Spread evenly over the area using the lowest setting. Select speed 3-4 on a DA or up to 1000 on a rotary. Work into paint using slow overlapping passes. Once the product disappears, turn your machine to the lowest setting for the final pass. Allow to haze and cure for a few minutes and buff to a shine. You can now top up using or hard or liquid wax.

This product is for personal use only and not for resale or any form of raffle or lottery.

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