Kleen Freaks Detailer Spray- 1 Liter


Love our Detailer Spray so much you want a bigger bottle? Well, here it is!
Our new Detailer Spray formula has been made from the ground up utilising some parts of our wax formula along with that from our previous DETAILER spray. It's easy to use and will leave your car, motorcycle or boats surfaces with a deep, wet gloss look we all strive for. Our water based formula is hand blended with the best organically harvested waxes, all natural plant and mineral oils to give that added protection in between waxing. Also available in a 500ml.

How to Use: Shake bottle well before used. Allow a fine mist to settle on the paint work and wipe over with a clean microfiber cloth. Turn it to the dry side and buff to a deep shine. A little of this product goes a long way so no need for 3-4 sprays per panel that wastes product. It’s been proven to see water sheeting 12 weeks after just one application.

KF Tip: You can layer our Detailer Spray to increase the amount of protection by waiting 5 minutes after the first later has been buffed off and repeat the process.

This product is for personal use only and not for resale or any form of raffle or lottery.

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