Kleen Freaks Shampoo - 1 Liter


Our Ph-neutral wax safe shampoo contains natural plant extracts for added gloss to leave a streak free finish. It is highly concentrated and designed to be tough on dirt and road grime. The foaming action will lubricate you paint work to minimize the risk of fine swirls and scratches leaving your surface for the next stage in the Kleen Freaks range. Safe on all paint types and wraps.

How to Use: Add 2-3 capfuls to a large bucket and fill rapidly with water to activate the foamers. Always wash your car from the roof down using a good quality wash mitt (we recommend a nice lambs wool mitt) and rinse the mitt thoroughly after each panel. You can also apply our shampoo through a foam gun or cannon, which will make it thicker. Add 1" of shampoo to your foam gun or cannon bottle and top with warm water. Spray onto car and wash as normal. You will use less product with this method.

KF Tip: Using warm, deionized water in your foam gun or cannon bottle will also increase the thickness of the foam.

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