Kleen Freaks Snowfoam 500ml

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This is our wax safe formulation that covers your car in a thick blanket of foam to remove grime, dirt and road traffic film by use of a foam cannon or foam gun. This newer formulation delivers a thicker foam for longer dwell times especially when your foam cannon is at max concentration. If you prefer a thinner foam, adjust your cannon accordingly. Available in 500ml and 1 liter bottles.

How to use: Add 1" of SF to a foam gun or cannon and top off with warm water. Spray onto the paint work and allow to dwell making sure it does not dry onto the surface. Rinse thoroughly. Do not spray onto bare metal.

KF Tips: Use with warm water, or warm deionized water for a thicker foam resulting in less product use. Can also be used in a hand pump foamer using less product.

This product is for personal use only and not for resale or any form of raffle or lottery.

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