Large Flight Case

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Our large flight case is perfect for the serious detailer or someone who just loves KF! (*Please let us know what color of decal and shield you want in your case in the note section or email us at with your order info.)

The case includes:
-Large Flight Case
-Shampoo Plus+
-Iron Remover
-All Purpose Cleaner
-Detailer Spray
-Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent
-Interior Trim Detailer
-Liquid Wax
-Rinse and Seal
-Wheel Cleaner
-Retro Air Freshener- Blue
-2 Microfibers
-KFA banner in color of choice for case
-Large KFA Shield decal in color of choice

This product is for personal use only and not for resale or any form of raffle or lottery.

**For pickup or local delivery, please use the discount code LOCALSONLY when checking out.**