Mega Flight Case

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Our Mega Flight Case is exactly that! It’s got one of every product we offer and some!

This case includes:
-Citrus Tar Remover
-Tyre Dressing
-Wheel Cleaner
-All Purpose Cleaner
-All In One
-Spray Coat w/ Applicator
-Metal Polish
-Liquid Wax
-Iron Remover
-Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent
-Interior Trim Detailer
-Rinse and Seal
-Shampoo Plus+
-Detailer Spray
-Wax Applicator 3 Pack
-Wash Mitt/Pad
-Tyre Dressing Applicator 2 Pack
-KFA Key Chain
-Kleen Freaks Air Freshener Triple Pack
-3 Microfibers
-Large Flight Case